Polestar's management in Europe is restructuring to properly position both new and current markets and teams as part of the brand's continuous development and expansion. Presently Managing Director of Polestar Germany, Alexander Lutz, will oversee one of Polestar's new launch markets as Managing Director in the future. Willem Baudewijns take over Polestar Germany. He will also continue to serve as Managing Director of Polestar Netherlands, where he will be responsible for two markets. Both national subsidiaries of the Swedish luxury automotive brand will continue to operate independently. On May 2, 2022, the new appointments will take effect.

"Alexander Lutz played a critical role in establishing Polestar in Germany and has put the firm in an excellent position to continue its development and success." In addition, his prior professional experience and skill in building the Polestar brand in Germany make him the right candidate to expand into other regions," Scott Dicken, Commercial Operations Europe, said.

He will be followed in early May by Willem Baudewijns, who will assume the job in addition to his former one as CEO of the Dutch national firm. Baudewijns has decades of expertise in the automobile business and, like Alexander Lutz, has been actively involved in the company's local operations as managing director from the brand's inception in the respective launch regions.

Cologne is not wholly unfamiliar to the incoming German manager. He previously worked at a well-known automobile manufacturing in the Rhine area for numerous years.

"This is a fascinating opportunity for me. From the start, Germany and the Netherlands have been critical markets for Polestar and European electrification," says Willem Baudewijns. He is looking forward to collaborating with the German team and Polestar partners in Germany. "Both nations can benefit from one another and assist us as a firm in furthering the transition to sustainable mobility."

After two and a half years, Lutz expands into a new crucial market. He has been in charge of Polestar Germany since August 2019 and has been instrumental in building the company from the ground up. He successfully implemented the company's ambitious expansion ambitions on the German market, announced in June 2020 by introducing the utterly electric volume model Polestar 2.

Polestar today employs over 70 individuals in Cologne, demonstrating the country's importance as a market.

"Creating an organization is a thrilling and emotionally charged event for which I am eternally thankful. I am delighted to be able to repeat this. It is an incredible chance for me to design and expand the firm during an exhilarating moment in multiple nations. I want to express my gratitude to the entire Polestar Germany team and all our partners for making this success possible in the first place," Lutz notes.


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