Camperizing specialist Camperiz has prepared a Dacia Dokker with a 95-hp diesel engine for the occasion. The camper van has everything you need, and its main advantage is that you won't have to spend an eye on your face since it only costs 19,995 euros.

After the pandemic outbreak, traveling by motorhome or camper van has become one of the most popular and safest ways to travel. Among other things, contact with other people is avoided as much as possible because you can go with the house on your back wherever you want.

In this sense, the camperizing specialist Camperiz has considered less wealthy customers. And it is that not everyone can get hold of models like a Volkswagen California Ocean. Thus, starting from the basis offered by Dacia Dokker, he has presented the cheapest camper vehicle you can find. The Dacia Dokker Camperiz price is only 19,995 euros.

Under the hood of the Dacia Dokker Camperiz is a 1.5-liter turbo diesel engine that develops a power of 95 hp. It is not an extremely powerful engine, but it will move the whole easily and ensure a low consumption level.

Although the beautiful part of this Dacia Dokker Camperiz lies in its extensive camper equipment: through two modules installed in the back, it has a sink, different spaces with a capacity of 42 liters, a 20-liter clean water tank, and a 10-liter dirty water tank, an external water intake, as well as a portable gas stove. The other module brings together a refrigerator, auxiliary battery, double USB socket for charging, or a 95-amp Varta AGM auxiliary battery.

Finally, the equipment of the Dacia Dokker Camperiz has a removable table, LED lighting for the interior, mattresses, and several storage drawers. In the camper world, customization is essential; that is why Camperiz offers various possibilities to the customer. For example, heating, extensible roof, roof box, awning, or bicycle rack. @via Camperiz.


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