The fourth Mazda MX-5 is slowly approaching retirement. The sports car has been in the catalog since 2015: how time flies! The successor is expected to keep its combustion engine, adopting Skyactiv X technology with slight hybridization. However, Mazda does not forget the current Miata, which will be stronger.

The Japanese manufacturer has announced minor updates for the Mazda MX-5. The 132hp 1.5 block disappears, leaving only the naturally aspirated 2.0. Mazda explains that the small engine is not selling enough to justify its presence. In Europe, both options are still being planned. Meanwhile, the new Mazda CX-30 is also on the way.

You may already be familiar with Mazda's G Vectoring Control technology. It is, in fact, an intelligent control of engine management in curves and course changes. The aim is to reduce understeer by acting on the drive torque of the drive wheels when cornering. G Vectoring Control slightly reduces torque to "load" the front axle, taking weight off the rear axle and making cornering easier.

On the 2022 MX-5, Mazda introduced a brand new system called KPC (Kinematic Posture Control). On paper, it appears to work like very basic Torque Vectoring (without an active differential). The inner rear wheel is braked when cornering and during heavy braking, thanks to the analysis of the sensors in real-time on the speed of the left and right rear wheels.

According to Mazda, this would also provide an anti-roll effect when cornering. If it proves to be at least as effective as the G Vectoring Control, it could be a piece of great news.

The Terracotta Nappa leather and the Platinum Quartz metallic body color are also new. The range still consists of the "ST" cabriolet and the RF variant, with a price difference of 2,500 euros. 

Unfortunately, those who hoped to see the very special Mazda MX-5 990S arrive in Europe will have to change their mind: it is reserved for the Japanese market. The Mazda MX-5 990S is a new version of the Japanese car; it is equipped with ultra-light 16-inch forged Rays wheels, special Brembo brake kits, and small modifications that bring the curb weight to just 990 kg. Mazda says it weighs only 30kg more than the first generation MX-5.


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