Toyota has unveiled its first all-electric vehicle, the 2024 Toyota bZ4X. The bZ4X is a compact SUV that combines Toyota's hybrid and fuel cell technology expertise with Subaru's all-wheel-drive system. The bZ4X is part of Toyota's Beyond Zero initiative, which aims to create vehicles that positively impact the environment and society.

The bZ4X is designed to offer an exhilarating driving experience, with a spacious and futuristic interior, a solar recharging system, and a steer-by-wire system that eliminates the mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the wheels. The bZ4X also features a high-mounted instrument panel that provides a clear view of the road and a large center display that integrates various functions and information.

Performance and Range

The 2024 Toyota bZ4X is powered by a dual-motor electric drivetrain that delivers smooth, responsive acceleration and handling. The bZ4X also benefits from Subaru's e-TNGA platform, which allows for optimal weight distribution and a low center of gravity. The bZ4X is expected to have a competitive range that can rival other electric SUVs in the market, such as the Ford Mustang Mach-E, the BMW iX2, and the Volkswagen ID.4.

One of the most innovative features of the bZ4X is the solar recharging system, which can generate electricity from sunlight and extend the driving range. The solar recharging system is especially useful in regions with abundant sunshine, such as Australia, where the bZ4X is expected to launch in mid-2024.

Design and Technology

The bZ4X showcases Toyota's new design language for electric vehicles, emphasizing a bold and distinctive appearance. The bZ4X has a long wheelbase and short overhangs, which create a dynamic and stable stance. The bZ4X also has a low and sleek roofline, which enhances aerodynamics and efficiency. The bZ4X features sharp and angular headlights and taillights, which give it a futuristic and aggressive look.

The bZ4X is equipped with a range of advanced technologies that enhance safety, comfort, and convenience. The bZ4X has a steer-by-wire system, eliminating the need for a steering shaft and allowing the driver to adjust the steering feel and position according to their preference. The bZ4X also has a digital rearview mirror, providing a clear and wide view of the rear without obstructions.

The bZ4X is compatible with Toyota Safety Sense, which is a suite of driver-assist features that help prevent collisions and protect occupants. Some features include a pre-collision system with pedestrian and cyclist detection, lane departure alert with steering assist, adaptive cruise control with lane tracing assist, road sign assist, and automatic high beams.

Availability and Price

The bZ4X is expected to go on sale in the US, Europe, Japan, and China in early 2024, followed by other markets later in the year. The bZ4X will be one of the 15 electric vehicles that Toyota plans to launch by 2025 as part of its goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

The price of the bZ4X has not been announced yet, but it is likely to be competitive with other electric SUVs in the segment, such as the Hyundai Kona Electric and the Kia Niro EV, which start at around $38,000 and $40,000, respectively. The bZ4X may also qualify for federal and state incentives for electric vehicles, which can lower the cost of ownership.


The 2024 Toyota bZ4X is a bold and electrifying SUV that marks Toyota's entry into the all-electric vehicle market. The bZ4X offers a spacious and futuristic interior, a solar recharging system, and a steer-by-wire system that enhances the driving experience. The bZ4X also has a competitive range, a distinctive design, and a range of advanced safety features that make it a compelling choice for eco-conscious drivers.

The bZ4X is expected to launch in early 2024 in various markets, with a competitive price and potential incentives. The bZ4X is part of Toyota's Beyond Zero initiative, which aims to create vehicles that positively impact the environment and society. 


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