For married couples, romance is no longer a priority. Instead, the sensations of "butterflies in the stomach" and tingling are replaced by moments as if drawn to indigo and sometimes not very pleasant scenarios.

Married couples no longer kiss, and the French kiss style is taken out of the equation with a nonchalance anchored in reality. Time is ruthless with love and feelings. He exchanges perceptions, people, and relationships.

Time changes everything, and couples who have been together for a very long time relinquish. However, he considers that their actions or lack of actions, rather, is a normal thing. For example, short conversations or seemingly timed meetings replace moments of tenderness.

Why married couples don't kiss anymore

The "love" period doesn't last long for most couples. Usually, people forget about all their feelings at the beginning of the relationship. And the sad part is that there are a lot of times when I end up ignoring what I feel.

The reasons why married couples no longer kiss are numerous, but I will mention 3 of them in this article.

They have a much too busy life.

Chaotic lifestyle, stress, agitation, and lack of time are the main factors contributing to diminishing romance. Married partners who have been together for a long time do not pay the same attention. He no longer considers kissing so important, so he no longer gives her time. Moments of tenderness are no longer a priority because daily responsibilities replace them. Thus, all the energy is channeled in other directions, and the feelings slowly die. And there is no room for passion and love when the moments spent in two flow as fast as the sand in the hourglass.

I feel like I'm not getting enough attention.

The need for attention is reciprocal in any relationship. Affection, sensitivity, and romance are all things that are desired by partners who have been together for a long period. But the points when married couples face negative feelings are the ones that weigh the most. The balance is tilting more and more, and one of the partners feels that he is losing. The French kiss is often the savior, but the lack of desire to express romance negatively affects the relationship. In other words, because they feel neglected, most couples ignore this seemingly trivial gesture, but highly sensual and romantic.

I can't express my feelings.

If everything is milk and honey, in the beginning, time becomes ruthless with those married couples who have been together for a very long time. They can no longer express their feelings, and because of this, romance dies slowly. Kissing is no longer a priority since there is no closeness. Any communication problem affects the relationship, and everything starts from the way a couple chooses to manage the situations they face. If the passion is not as strong as in the period of love, everything changes. But nothing is lost. Married couples need to understand the importance of communication. Therefore, no matter what stages they face, the partners must pay attention to each other and show understanding and patience.


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