How kids play affects what they think their lives will be like when they grow up. If the way you usually give gifts makes it seem like boys are the only ones who get cars under the Christmas tree, it might be time to change things up.

Have you ever wanted a gift that, because of stereotypes, you couldn't get? Marina, age 7: "I asked Santa for a remote-controlled car, but my grandpa said it's only for boys."

At Peugeot, we think that both driving a car and cars have no gender. A study by HAL Open Science shows that women tend to think they are bad drivers, even though studies show that women cause fewer accidents than men. But there's a simple reason for this: women don't trust their driving skills because, unlike boys, they weren't taught to play with toy cars in a risky way as kids. Instead, they were prepared to play carefully and gently and to respect cute behavior. Women are taught to feel less confident behind the wheel from a young age.

The creative agency of Peugeot, OPEn, wants to change this idea. With the help of Peugeot Lifestyle, OPEn has put together a special, limited-edition toy car pack for children in several European countries and started the "Girls Like Cars Too" promotion, a gift exchange campaign that will make sure children get the gifts they want for Christmas.

From December 26, OPEn will let kids trade in their Christmas gifts (or any other gifts they want to trade) for a limited edition Peugeot toy car pack.

The process is easy. Parents need to go to the Peugeot website, enter the discount code that Peugeot gives them, and order the free pack. In return, they are asked to donate online or give a toy to a local charity collecting toys for needy kids.

The promotion lasts until the end of January 2023, and any child, not just girls, who want to get their package can do so.

Peugeot wants to give kids, especially young girls, access to toy cars to help them feel more confident and change how people think about women who drive.


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